Cup Holder: The curling club who is in the possession of the Cup due to success in the most recent challenge.

Challenger: The curling club that has challenged the Cup Holder to competition.

Host: The Challenger club who will provide facilities and all other amenities for the next scheduled competition with the Cup Holder.

Schedule: A listing of dates and clubs where challenges for the Cup will take place as pre-determined by the Trustee(s) prior to the start of the season.

Trustee(s): A board established to oversee Communications with clubs, Scheduling, Record Keeping, and Financial Accounting. In any dispute arising out of play for the Cup, the Trustee(s) shall decide the matter and their decision shall be final.

Club Coordinator: An individual or individuals from a curling club who has agreed to be responsible for being the club contact for the Trustee(s) and for organizing all aspects of a challenge when it is held at their club.

Record Books of Matches: Binders which contain a record of matches since the competition began in 1907. Only a few of the over 1480 matches are missing.

Forfeit: A match that is not played due to weather conditions, lack of facilities, etc. The club to whom the forfeiture is made will be declared the Holder of the Cup.