Rules of Play



  1. A minimum of two and a maximum number of four teams from a club can make a challenge. The usual number is three. The number of teams must be declared at the time of making the challenge on the previous year’s Match Record or requested through the Trustee(s).
  2. The selection of the Challenger team members is left up to their club and declared through the Club Coordinator. When a club becomes Holder of the Cup, they may continue with the same team members or substitutes.
  3. The general rules of play for curling will be followed, including The 5 Rock Rule.
  4. Before the competition begins the names of team members, in their correct positions, should be entered into the RECORD BOOKS for the match. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY AS THIS RECORD WILL BE ADDED TO HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION OF THE McLELLAN CUP.
  5. The Holder of the Cup will have last rock in the first end. The Challenger will choose the rock color.
  6. Each game will be 14 ends in length unless there is a mutual agreement by both teams on the number of ends to be played prior to the start of the competition. No extra ends will be played.
  7. A break can be taken after the 7th end (or half way through the game) and the ice re-pebbled if necessary.
  8. At the end of the game the cumulative points for all ends gained by each of the teams will be entered in the Book of Records. The club with the highest total points for their teams at the end of the challenge will be declared the Holder of the Cup and will continue on to the next scheduled challenge in the schedule.
  9. If the total cumulative score is tied at the end of the match, the Holder retains the Cup and will continue on to the next challenge in the schedule.