South Speaks

Year Two

January 20, 2017

6:45 - 9 P.M. in the Auditeria

Ten South students will present TED-style talks.

Addressing such topics as impact teenagers, from education choices to extra curricular activities, to the importance of sleep. Many of the talks have been inspired by or developed from ideas explored in classes at South. Students develop independent work, alternately creating and critiquing. With the support of their teachers, students sharpen their critical thinking skills as they acquire comprehensive knowledge of the subject.

Seating is open and free. Please arrive early for the best seats.

Speaker list and speaking order:

emcee - Sabrina Sexauer

  • McKenzie Christian - Distracted Driving
  • Julia Popova - Happiness
  • Matt Fouts - The value of sleep
  • Pedro Graterol - Music as a solution for poverty
  • Brooke Leonard - Feminism and the media


  • Michael Kropp - Why everyone should make movies
  • Hayley Lincoln - Clay Target Sports
  • Michael Roadifer- Violence in Children and Adolescents
  • Logan Sewall - American School System
  • Kate Wilson - Sex education in schools

Year One

January 23, 2016

6-8 P.M. in the Auditeria

Tickets are free, but only available by application

Reserved tickets will be available for pickup beginning at 5:30

Speaker list and speaking order:

emcee - Quintin Parrish

  1. Boris Mesits - urban planning
  2. Conner McLeod - helicopter parenting
  3. Brooklyn Giliam and Alexi Erickson - representation of women in the media
  4. Caitlin Turberville - women in professional sports
  5. Kendra Green - mental illness
  6. Alice Michaelson - clean water and plumbing
  7. Noah Ottum - motivation
  8. Kimi Mulkey - depression