This is for a three hour Turnitin learning session at ASD


Plagiarism, Creativity, and Student Growth (about an hour)

Understanding Fair Use on The Teaching Channel (6 minutes)

Plagiarism Quiz

discussion of quiz results (I got 12/13)

Plagiarism Spectrum (2:00 - to end)

lesson plans for teaching about plagiarism - provided by Turnitin

webcast "Improvisation an Plagiarism: Fostering a Culture of Creativity" (4:00-10:12)

Discussion: How will you use Turnitin with your students?

Recommended for later: "Plagiarism and the Web: Revisited"


Account set-up for teachers

Adding assignments

Grade Anything

students can upload/share other kinds of assignments, not just documents - images, slideshows, videos, etc. (will not necessarily generate a similarity report)

Recommended for later: Grade Anything webinar

Originality Reports

these show a match to existing content - not immediately plagiarism


Providing feedback


ETS e-rater - instant diagnostic feedback on grammar, spelling, usage, mechanics, and style

  • turn on in assignment settings

  • not perfect - teach students how to read the comments and decide whether or not they really apply

GradeMark Interactive Tutorial (requires you be logged in)

Editing your QuickMark library


I'm providing a printed copy of these directions for you to read, follow, and annotate.

This is a phenomenal feature once you get started, but more complicated to set up than other Turnitin features.

Discussion: What kinds of things do you think we can address as a district to prevent plagiarism? If we don't want this program to go away, how can we increase usage?

time to work and ask questions