Google Certified Educator Level 1

Begin your journey here: - this is where you will do nearly all of your work for this class.

Decide which account (ASD or personal) you want to use for your certification and login to the Google system.

Start working on EDUCATOR LEVEL 1 - Fundamentals Training - there are 13 units of slightly varying lengths. My recommendation is you try to work at least a few hours/three units a week so that you can stay on target for finishing and taking the exam.

BEST TIP EVER: Take lots of detailed notes, even on things you think you already know.

Every Monday I'll ask for a progress update.

Below you will find some tips & tricks to review, your UAA syllabus and other info, and the Google form for your weekly feedback and, later this semester, your final evaluation and proof of certification.

Copy of Google Certified Educator Level 1 Training Day 1
SYL 201802 ED 565 Google Certified Educator Level 1.docx
38669 UAA Online Registration Instructions.pdf
Copy of Task Cards for Level 1 Educator Certification

Practice time! Check out these task cards and test your basic skills.