Waves and Water

2022 Bear Creek is near my home in Petrolia, Ontario. It is a clean river with sediment of clay creating the brownish colour of the water.

2019 This video was shot on a beautiful, still, very cold Alberta day. I took this at a foot bridge that goes to a parking lot while on a trip from my residency at the Banff Centre for Creativity. Lake Louise is gorgeous in the winter in spite of the crowds of tourists.


2021 A spruce tree in my back yard.

2021 Dew on a bush at Gullkistan Center of the Arts.

2021 This video is composed of different clips taken at two locations at Gullkistan Center for the Arts, Laugarvatn, Iceland.


Gullfoss is a waterfall in Iceland and this was taken above the falls.

2020 There are movements like waves in these grasses and they become the waves in a small mineral lake near Myvatn in Iceland.

2021 These videos were taken at Eyrarbakki, Iceland which is known for it's black sand beaches.

2021 This is a small stream that tumbles down Laugarvatn's mountain in Iceland. It is a mystery to me that these rocks are piled up all along the river in spite of the mountain consisting of black rock.

2021 I took the video from a bridge in Iceland and manipulated the footage to make this mesmerizing video.

2016 These videos were taken on Manitoulin Island in Ontario. They are meant to be shown on 3 side-by-side large monitors.

2019 You will find this pixelated because the Vimeo codec has a problem with the complicated movements in this video.

2016 The wind falls on Windfall Lake causing sudden changes in the colour and texture of the water. Sometimes you see the surface reflections and sometimes you get to see into the water. This reminds me of a painting by Monet (water lilies). The codec of Vimeo doesn't do justice to the complicated movements of water. The original copy is much better but you can get an idea of what it looks like here.

2014 There are 4 3-minute clips of Windfall Lake on Manitoulin Island at sunrise. The sound track is a composition of songs of some of the birds that live around the lake. The intensity and force of the dawn chorus is diminishing because of the decline of bird populations around the world. Pollution, loss of habitat, skyscrapers alight at night, and the devastating impact of cats are taking their toll on bird populations. More and more people have never heard this glorious sound so I have attempted to mimic it's affect in my video.

Keep your cats indoors! Turn off the office lights at night! Plant trees! Don't pollute!

2014 This video was taken on a small, spring-fed lake on Manitoulin Island , Ontario, Canada. There is a flat rock shoreline of alvar limestone. The lake level was unusually high in 2013 and the water flooded areas of rock and plants. There was a brief blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) bloom on the first hot, still day of the summer resulting in this multi-coloured foam moving in a rhythm I thought was similar to breathing. So, I introduced a sound track of breathing.

To me, this is appropriate because cyanobacteria are credited with tipping the planet over to an oxygen atmosphere, causing one of the great extinctions and paving the way for oxygen-based life forms to develop. A bloom like this, on this particular lake, is the result of human carelessness and ignorance and does mess with our recreational enjoyment of the lake. But it is nature's way of balancing the chemistry of the lake. So, enjoy the brief beauty of the blue-green algae bloom.

2015 The Ice is leaving Lake Huron and flowing down the St. Clair river on a quiet spring day

2015 Most of the ice had left Lake Huron and the remnants were floating down the St. Clair River melting as they traveled. I captured this video around 10:00 in the morning at the dock in Corunna, Ontario. You can hear a number of birds. There were flocks of migrating Old-squaw on the river among the ice floes. They have a peculiar song. You can also hear English Sparrows, House Finch, Mourning Doves, and , of course, Sea Gulls. It was a very peaceful but active scene. I love the colours of the St. Clair River. I also find it intriguing how a body of water will have such different colours at different seasons.

2014 On a cold day in March 2014, the ice was flowing out of Lake Huron into the St. Clair River. My face and ears froze because I didn't plan on recording these 2 video (which are back to back). It was worth it. Some people find this video mesmerizing and others find it nauseating because of the movements.

2014 This is my first video. I shot it with a Canon 60D camera so it is less crisp than my 5D MarkIII camera but I still find it beautiful. There is a water snake in the middle video.

2014 This video was taken of the waves on a small, Canadian lake last summer. I edited it in Premier Pro so that the colours shifted through the spectrum which is another aspect of waves. Johnny Kember produced an electronic music sound track specific to this video based on sine waves. I think it is quite trippy, sort of a moving riff on Bridget Riley's paintings.

2014 This video was shot on a small, Canadian lake as the wind ruffles the calm surface. I edited it in Premier Pro so that the colours shift through the spectrum furthering the theme of waves. Johnny Kember produced an electronic music sound track specific to this video based on sine waves. I think it is quite trippy, sort of a riff on Bridget Riley's paintings.