2019 Boiling water emerges on the shore of Laugarvatn in Iceland creating a cacophany of sounds that create their own soundscape. I have created a medley of 4 of these more noisy fumaroles varying their duration and placement in this video to create variations on the combined visuals and sounds. Thank you to Jon and Alda of the Gullkistan Center for Creativity for showing me the fumeroles.

2019 Fumaroles are the result of the geothermal activity in Iceland. The fumaroles on the black sand beach of Laugarvatn are constantly changing their positions and configurations. They are assisted in this by the locals who bury pots of bread dough into the boiling water and then unearth the cooked bread the next day. The bread, by the way, is delicious, especially with generous slabs of butter. The sound of the different fumaroles creates a kind of music and visually they are entertaining to watch.

2020 The first landscape was taken at Reykjaladur and the 2nd and 3rd were taken at Geysir and the fourth is from Seltun, all in Iceland. The soundtrack of the Reykjaladur video is of European Golden Plovers borrowed from Xeno-Canto. The other 3 videos have sound that I recorded in Iceland. Golden Plovers were calling and singing at Reykjaladur when I created the video but my recording was overwhelmed by the sound of wind so I found the Plover sounds on the internet. Thank you Xeno-Canto.

2020 The algae matts that make this water feature so interesting are maintained by the mineral rich, warm water coming from the geothermal hot springs of Reykjadalur, Iceland.

2020 A single view of the algae pond at Reykjadalur, Iceland.

2020 The Seltun Geothermal Park on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland, is spectacular. This video allows you to take the time to visually absorb the beauty and strangeness of this colourful landscape. There are 3 segments of around 3 and a half minutes to four minutes in duration so explore each with your eyes. There is lots of movement to keep you occupied.

2020 This strange landscape is at Seltun in Iceland. I did not invent this soundtrack. That is what it sounds like, as if there is some sort of plumbing problem deep in the earth.

2020 This was taken at the 'Secret Place' near Laugarvatn, Iceland. Cascades and beautiful rivers flow everywhere in this beautiful country and this is one place that is off the beaten track of tourism. There was no litter, no graffiti, just lovely water features dotting the side of a mountain. Thanks to Jon from Gullkistan Center for Creativity for showing the residency artists and me the Secret Place.

2020 I love the flickering light on the cascade near Laugarvatn. It has a magical quality.

2020 These 2 ponds were carved from the rock by the clean pure mountain stream at the Secret Place near Gullkistan Center for Creativity, Laugarvatn, Iceland.

2020 The Icelandic people see gnomes in rock structures. There are tales of gnomes turning into stone when the first rays of the day hit them. Here a gnome who failed to hide from the dawn light. Thanks to Jon at Gullkistan Center for Creativity for pointing out gnomes in the river ravine while on our hike to the Secret Place.

2020 Strokkur is at Geysir in Iceland.

2020 Three views of Strokkur in Iceland

2020 This hot spring is along the path to Strokkur at Geysir in Iceland.

2020 Mudpots are in many places in Iceland. The mineralized boiling water bubbles up from the earth and creates clay mud. The first two mudpots are from Reykjaladur and the last one is from Seltun.


2020 These two plants are examples of the use of geothermal energy for homes in Iceland. The first one is Bjarnarflag Power Station near Myvatn and the second one is the water heating plant at Laugarvatn.

2020 This video shows 4 views at Gullfoss, a waterfall in Iceland.

2020 There are many unusual and beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. Hjalparfoss is unusual with it's 2 cascades and the complicated rock formations. There were fly fisher people enjoying their sport on this cold blustery day.

2020 This video is composed of different clips taken at two locations at Gullkistan Center for Creativity, Laugarvatn, Iceland.

2020 This is a small stream that tumbles down Laugarvatn mountain in Iceland. It is a mystery to me that these rocks are piled up all along the river in spite of the mountain consisting of black basalt rock.

2020 This beach is near Eyrarbakki in Iceland which is known for its black sand beaches

2020 This is a small stream that flows into the lake at Laugarvatn, Iceland. I love the hypnotic effect of the ripples.

2020 This is made of 3 views of a geothermal stream in Laugarvatn, Iceland. The stream would shed and regrow the algae over a few weeks. Mineral Stream Medley was taken when the algae had shed and was starting to regrow. The warm stream comes from the geothermal plant at Laugarvatn.

2020 I made my algae videos into a triptych.