This is a medley of fumeroles from the black sand beach of Laugarvatn, Iceland.

These are more active and noisier fumeroles along the shores of Laugarvatn, Iceland. The video medley finishes with views of the shore and of the lake.

This is another variation on the mineral stream that flows into the lake at Laugarvatn.

The first landscape was taken at Reykjaladur and the 2nd and 3rd were taken at Geysir and the fourth is from Seltun, all in Iceland. The soundtrack of the Reykjaladur video is of European Golden Plovers borrowed from Xeno-Canto. The other 3 videos have sound that I recorded in Iceland. Golden Plovers were calling and singing at Reykjaladur when I created the video but my recording was overwhelmed by the sound of wind so I found the Plover sounds on the internet. Thank you Xeno-Canto.

The algae matts that make this water feature so interesting are maintained by the mineral rich, warm water coming from the geothermal hot springs of Reykjadalur, Iceland.

The Seltun Geothermal Park on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland, is spectacular. This video allows you to take the time to visually absorb the beauty and strangeness of this colourful landscape.There are 3 segments of around 3 and a half minutes to four minutes in duration so explore each with your eyes. There is lots of movement to keep you occupies.

The ponds are one above the other at the Secret Place. They are separate from the cascade but join the river as it flows away down the mountainside.

The Icelandic people see gnomes in rock structures. There are tales of gnomes turning into stone when the first rays of the day hit them. so I see here a gnome who failed to hide from the dawn light. Thanks to Jon at Gullkistan Center for Creativity for pointing out gnomes in the river ravine while on our hike to the Secret Place.

Stokkur is at Geysir in Iceland.

This strange landscape is at Seltun in Iceland. I did not invent this soundtrack. That is what it sounds like, as if there is some sort of plumbing problem deep in the earth.

This video shows 3 views of Strokkur in Iceland.

This hot spring is along the path to Strokkur at Geysir in Iceland.

This video shows 4 views at Gullfoss, a waterfall in Iceland.

This is one of many lovely waterfalls in Iceland.

These two plants are examples of the use of geothermal energy for homes in Iceland. The first one is Bjarnarflag Power Station near Myvatn and the second one is the water heating plant at Laugarvatn.

Mudpots are in many places in Iceland. The mineralized boiling water bubbles up from the earth and creates clay mud. The first two mudpots are from Reykjaladur and the last one is from Seltun.

This is a medley of different views of weather occupying the mountainside at Laugarvatn in Iceland. I took the raw video from Gullkistan Centre for Creativity while on an art residency in August 2019.

It is a mystery to me why there are so many different types and colours of rocks in a stream coming from a black (basalt) mountainside.

Iceland is famous for its black sand beaches. This video was taken on the south shore near Selfoss.

This video was taken of algae living in a warm mineral stream coming from a small geothermal plant in Laugarvatn, Iceland.

This is another version of the algae videos.