2018 Changing light on the forest floor due to wind in the trees. Mesmerizing.

2018 A closer view of the forest floor with ever-changing fractal patterns of light and shade.

2018 Complicated movements are created on the forest floor from wind and dappled light.

2018 A triptych made of the forest floor videos.



2020 Another triptych of my forest videos.

2019 I took this video at a golf course near my home on a warm winter day after the snow had melted.

2020 This is the same tree that goes through different light exposures. This video is meant to cycle on repeat.

2014 This is a video art piece that was taken on a small lake on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. The lake has an alvar limestone shore line which consists of flat rock much like pavement. The water was high in the spring of 2013 resulting in extensive shallow water in areas that are frequently dry. I took the video while standing in the water and caught the reflections of sunlight from the ripples of water surrounding the 2 cedar trees. I created a sound track of lapping waves and bird and insect song from the lake shore.

2018 Sunlight reflects off of small waves in shallow water and ripples across the trees along the shore. This was taken on Manitoulin Island in Ontario.