2020 This is based on some algae videos that I took from a small stream coming from a geothermal plant and flowing into Laugarvatn, Iceland.

2020 This is the same geothermal stream after the algae was shed and floated downstream.

2020 This is another version of the mineral stream video.

2020 This is made from a video of a glacial river near Geysir in Iceland.

2020 This was made from one view of Gullfoss in Iceland.

2020 This is another view of Gullfoss in Iceland.

2020 This was made from the waterfall near Laugarvatn.

2020 This was developed from a video of geothermal pond at Reykjadalur in Iceland. The algae matts are distinctive.

2020 This kaleidoscope was produced from a small waterfall at Reykjaladur, Iceland. The algae coating the rocks lives off sunlight and the minerals in the geothermal water.

2020 This was created from a video of Hjalparfoss, a double waterfall in Iceland.

2021 This video stars with a straightforward view of the surf coming up onto a black sand beach in Iceland and then is copied into four quadrants of the video and rotated into various configurations to create a kaleidoscopic effect.

2020 This was made from the cascade near Laugarvatn.

2022 This was made of a video of shadows on an oak cupboard.