Jane Austin Artist

Video Art and Photography

I am interested in movement and how it affects the emotion and the automatic nervous system. I find interesting movements in my surrounding environment, video them with my Canon 5D Mark iii camera, and edit the videos in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

If you watch one of my videos in its entirety, you will find that your mood will change. Most, but not all of my videos, will induce a sense of peace and calm. Some of the movements are mesmerizing and others may actually make you feel slightly agitated.

My videos are simple; they are single long clips. I treat them much like a painting adjusting colour and tone. I develop the sound track simply as well- cleaning up the ambient sound or developing a new sound track.

My videos are produced to show in art galleries; I do not produce commercial video. I am not a videographer but an artist who uses video as one of the mediums with which I work. I have also made sculpture, paintings, prints and black and white photographs.

As well, I make digital photos. Digital Photography is a new medium separate from analog photography. The qualities and the processes are different. I use Adobe Photoshop to alter my photos. Of course there is a cross-over between analog and digital photography as there is a cross-over between watercolour painting and oil painting, but the processes and results are very different.

To be an artist is to be a life-long learner, to be inquisitive, and to pay attention to one's surroundings and how that affects one's inner life. Art enriches your life and I am happy that I chose to be an artist.

Jane Austin