In the Bede House

Our society meets regularly on the last Friday of each month at 9.15am in the Bede House, in the grounds of the St. Mary's Church, Higham Ferrers. 

Everyone is welcome!

Admission including refreshments is:

Annual Membership: £5 per member, £8 per couple


Friday 22nd March

History of Kimbolton, a Thousand Years of History

Friday 26th April 

A History of Christian Names

Friday 31st May

Elizabethan Grammar Schools, Elizabeth 1 to the Present Day

Friday 28th June

The History of Yelden, including the Origins of the Castle

Friday 26th July

Rushden Pot Makers, the Story of Iron Age Potters

Friday 30th August

Irthlingborough's Waterloo. Archive Film from before the First World War

Friday 27th September

Incas of Peru, with the Speakers Personal Memories

Friday 25th October 

The Home Guard: Lest we forget our Brave Men of Northamptonshire

Friday 29th November

Stanwick Handbell Ringers: Followed by Seasonal Refreshments to End the Year