Manor House (2)

Wood Street

This house, at the end of Wood Street, was owned and occupied by various Lords of the Manor, and later by various vicars of the Parish Church, when it was used by St. Mary's Church as their Rectory.

The lease of the property was granted in 1530 to Laurence Washington and his wife Elizabeth. Laurence Washington was Mayor of Northampton in 1532 and 1545.

He is described as of Northampton and Gray's Inn London, and was a wealthy wool merchant. He died in 1584. One of his descendants – John Washington (1634 to 1675) – emigrated to Virginia, and his great grandson was George Washington, the first President of the United States.

In 1879 the property was occupied by the Crewe family, followed by the Horrell family and then by the Harris family – both farmers.

The Manor House was given to the Board of Directors of W. W. Chamberlain (Associated Companies) Ltd., by the senior directors – Messrs W. H. Chamberlain, D. Chamberlain and R. Chamberlain in January – 1954.

Today the house is occupied by private residents.