About us

society Founded in 1997

How we began

The Higham Chichele Society was founded in November 1997 following a series of lectures "A History of Higham Ferrers" by local historian Daphne Cansdale. After the last lecture a group of enthusiasts decided to form a local society. Hence the formation of the Higham Chichele Society, named after Higham's most famous son, Henry Chichele.

In 2001 The Princess Royal, Princess Anne, visited Higham Ferrers in celebration of the granting of the first Charter in 1215: the Society provided a small exhibition in the Bede House. Public interest in the history of Higham Ferrers has prompted the Society to stage an exhibition each year since then.

Our aims

The Higham Chichele Society aims to encourage a general interest in history and to specifically research the history of Higham Ferrers, through printed sources and the memories of individuals.

What we do

Monthly talks are held in the Bede House on a wide range of fascinating topics – from the history of canals to the Battle of Jutland – as well as on local history and people such as our famous local author H.E.Bates.

Research carried out through the year is presented in the form of an annual public exhibition.