Residents 1884

Residents of Kilbirnie - Hataitai - Evans Bay around 1884

These names are taken primarily from the records of Kilbirnie School (opened January 1884) and the 1884 electoral roll for Wellington South, with additional details from other sources. Mostly people just gave their address as "Kilbirnie". Since the whole area between Mt Victoria and Lyall Bay was then known as Kilbirnie some of these families would have been from today's Kilbirnie, rather than what we know as Hataitai.


Robert Alexander, bootmaker

Charles Bolton

James Bourke, wool scourer, Wellington Road

Jabez Bradbury, settler or dairyman, Moxham Ave.

Frederick Charles Braylesford or Brailsford, warehouseman. Mr Braylesford's children attended Kilbirnie School for a short time and then they moved to Auckland.

Vincent Claridge (1851-1939), bootmaker, Moxham Ave. His wife was Sarah Ann

William Thomas Claridge, bootmaker

Charles Henry Compton, carpenter (son of John Compton)

John Compton, publican (d 1898)

Thomas Cox, gardener, Rhodes St

George Dorne

Alfred Falkner, draughtsman

George Felton, clerk, civil service

William Finlay, settler

Edwin Gingall, baker, Rhodes St

Robert Flint, engineer

William Greenfield, plasterer

James W Grover, labourer, Moxham Ave.



George Heginbotham (c1846-1919), dairyman. His wife was Louisa (d 1924)

Joseph Alfred Heginbotham, cooper

William Heginbotham, architect

George Douglas Hewitt (c 1853-1936), miner from Warwickshire, England, married to Eliza Evans. They arrived in Wellington on the Glenlora in 1873. George was living in Vogeltown when he died.

Jens Jorgensen

Eliza Jounnax. She had moved to Broomhedge Street by 1893.

John Marsh Kemp (c 1845-1908), surveyor. His second wife was Sarah Jane Carde.

William Kershaw, bootmaker

Joseph Richard Leadbeater, blacksmith, owned land in William St.

Frederick Marlow, bootmaker

George Maxwell, clerk

Ernest Nashe

William Newman, plasterer, Rhodes St

John Charles Price, clerk


Frederick Read, tinsmith, Nelson St

Thomas Reading, bricklayer, Nelson St

Thomas Redding, bricklayer, Nelson St (same person as above?)

Francis Sidey, auctioneer and JP.

George Smith, bootmaker

George Harry Smith jnr, bootmaker

Walter George Smith, clerk


John Staples

Edwin Taylor, grocer's assistant or bottler, Moxham Ave

George Taylor, grocer

John Taylor, merchant

John Walker, gunsmith

Frederick Webb, cabinet maker, Nelson St

John Williamson, engine driver, Nelson St

Henry Wright

Evan’s Bay

Frederick France, signalman

John Highet

Joseph Hudson

Henry Nimmo, blacksmith

Zachariah Nimmo, dairyman

John Paterson, shipwright, Evan’s Bay Road patent slip.

William Timmins

Samuel Shugg Williams (c1850-1930), shipwright; married to Sarah in 1879.