Hataitai Local History

Where is Hataitai?

Hataitai is one of Wellington's eastern suburbs, lying between Mt Victoria and the Miramar peninsula. Main access from the city is through Mt Victoria via the traffic tunnel, or by bus through the bus tunnel. In the early days the area was part of Kilbirnie in the Evan's Bay district - so the school opened in 1884 was called Kilbirnie School. In 1901 the Hataitai Land Company was formed to sell sections on the hillsides north from Waitoa Road, and the area became known as Hataitai. There is a shopping centre at the intersection of Waitoa Road and Moxham Avenue. Popularity of the suburb took off after the tram (now bus) tunnel was opened in 1907. Before that access had been over the hill from Newtown via Crawford Road/Wellington Road.

An early view of Hataitai. In the background at right is Lyall Bay and the isthmus. Evan's Bay at left. Bottom right is a tram coming out of the tunnel into Waitoa Road, which extends diagonally up towards the left. Hapua St is along the bottom of picture going up the hill.

Photos and memories of Hataitai can also be found on Facebook's 'Old Wellington Region' Hataitai photo album.