Early landowners

Map shows top to bottom: Town Belt, Charles St, Hamilton Rd, Overtoun Tce connected to Evans Bay Rd by Belvedere Rd; left to right: Henry St, Wellington Rd, Goa St. Also shown is the Waipapa stream, meandering down from Goa St to Evans Bay where Kilbirnie Park is today. Moxham Ave not shown but will run from Charles St across lots 45/46 to 49/50.

This is a portion of an 1881 map sourced from Wellington City Archives, but the lots are the same as on Beere's maps.

The Turnbull Library has several editions of a map made by E H Beere between 1877-1889 which show lot boundaries and owners' names for Section 4 and 5 of the Evan's Bay District (the area from Evan's Bay to the Town Belt, Tapiri St to just past Henry St.)

I've made a list of the names shown on the map, with the date that the land was transferred to that person. The last column shows my comments or additional information shown on the maps. Please note that I'm not an expert in land records - check the original maps or other sources to confirm details, and please email me with additions or corrections.

Register of aliens