Kilbirnie School's Roll of Honour

These names are transcribed from the Roll of Honour which used to be in the old school hall. When the old building was demolished the Roll of Honour board was moved to its present spot in the new school hall. Names have been transcribed as they were spelled on the board. Teachers were listed separately at the end. The list includes one woman - Gladys Worboys the headmaster's daughter who was a volunteer nurse.

I've added full names or other details where available. These details were gleaned from the school admission registers and an index of WW1 Personnel and Reserves so there may be some errors - please check original sources or email me. In some cases I was unable to verify that the person ever attended the school, but they were almost certainly from local families. Names highlighted are those men who died in the war - see Kilbirnie School war memorial page for more details.

Hataitai people