Virachey Rare Wildlife Trek

Virachey National Park Wildlife Trek

Green Jungle Trekking is the only ecotourism trekking agency in Ratanakiri to offer these treks into some of the most pristine regions of Virachey National Park, areas full of old-growth trees, many 1,000 years old and 10 meters in circumference. These regions are the best to spot the endangered wildlife of mainland Southeast Asia, a remaining pocket containing some of the last unspoiled megafauna on the continent.

  • 2–7 day trek

First day: Departing at 8:30 a.m. from Banlung to the north, we take a small boat to a remote minority village. We’ll meet our indigenous jungle guide — he knows where the animals have been spotted most recently. On the first day we'll trek with him past rice fields before reaching the dense jungle. This kind of trek is a slow walk, focused on looking for animals such as yellow buff-cheeked gibbons (very rare), douc langurs (another rare animal), tarantulas, toucans, and other birds. Our sleeping place is nearby a small stream.

Second day: We wake in the early morning (5 a.m.) We follow the gibbon’s sounds to find them crying in the high canopy, returning to camp for breakfast after their morning song is complete. We will trek 3–4 hours back by a different trail. Since it’s the jungle, sometimes there is no trail so we need to use machetes!

Chance of seeing wildlife:

• Gibbon | 45%

• Douc Languer(monkey) | 50%

• Tarantula | 80%

• Toucan | 20%

Between May–October (rainy season) there's a 20% lesser chance of seeing all these animals.

What does the price include?

  • Entrance fee to the park, hammocks, blankets and tents
  • English or French-speaking guide
  • Minority ranger (One of them for 4 tourists or less, two of them for 4 tourists and up)
  • Foods (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Water (On the second day we can boil from the clear stream to refill our bottles), Coffee, Tea
  • Transportation by motorbike or car (4 people up) and boat trip

During May–October (rainy season) there’s a 20% lesser chance of seeing all these animals.

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Duck langur monkey

Douc langurs


Female gibbons

This is how we sleep in the jungle — protected from insects by a hammock that zips up on the side!