1-day trek Virachey NP. & Ratanakiri Community

1-day trek Virachey Np. & Ratanakiri community

Virachey national park -1 day trekking & hiking

Level : Hard

– “Virachey mountain hiking” : It is a long and difficult jungle trekking program. It is designed for those who look in to experience the hard trekking into the jungle for one whole day and spend the night back at the town. Or if you don’t have enough time for many days of jungle trek. It is one of the most exotic trek in Ratanakiri. You are going to trek with our experienced trekking guide and ranger into the jungle called( Virachey mountain trek) Your guide will lead you through the hunting path and during the trek the guide will tell you the way of life of the indigenous people, different kinds of trees and how it used by local people.

-We leave Banlung city early morning at 7am by motobikes toward the edge of the Virachey national park around 2hours drive including crossing the ferry boat and drive 1hour in the community forest and farm-houses exploration tarantula before our trek start:

-At the beginning, we trek crossing dense jungle also a bit difficult up and down hills, so many giant trees and bamboo forest are waiting for you to take a photos sometimes we can see monkeys on this activities trek! Pending 3 hours of walk to the rapid stream where we can have a little swim and rinse off our dirty. After a nice relaxing we have to trek return our motorbikes for 3 hours back as a loop on a different trail! This trek is completed and supposed be back Banlung city at 5-6pm.

Ratanakiri community/ 1-day trek level (medium hard)

This jungle trek showed about natural resource, over 40meters high waterfall and engaged with indigenous community of “Kachok hill tribe, ” only have two villages less in a whole of Cambodia !

-Departure at 8:30am by motorbikes or Tuk Tuk or car to the Kachohn village near by the Sesan river get off our vehicle stansport go on a small boat relaxing for 1hr with lovely river landscape, villages, to stop at the edge of the jungle. Our trek start: At the beginning we will meet our expert jungle ranger. We will trek through the jungle for 3hrs direct to the high waterfall to have lunch and swimming there. After meal we trek back but as a loop returning our the same boat . The driver will brings us to stop at the “Kospeak village “so that our English speaking guide he can explain us about the culture of the village and their interesting ancient cemetery. After finished the tour we will be back in Banlung city at 5pm.