About Trekking in Cambodia

Trekking in Cambodia is the reason most adventure travelers come to Ratanakiri — the beautiful Virachey National Park is the biggest park in Southeast Asia. It's an extremely remote area and has far fewer tourists coming through than the mega-attractions of Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Green Jungle Trekking Tours organizes trekking inside from 2–10 days. Please check us out on TripAdvisor, we are currently #2 in the region after only starting in 2017 with 84 happy customers leaving us a review.

Ratanakiri is largely composed of three national parks (in the whole country there are only 12 national parks):

  1. Virachey National Park (334,173 hectors)
  2. Veun Sai/Siempang National Park (57,469 hectors)
  3. Oyadav National Park (101,348 hectors)

According to the Ministry of the Environment in 2017, the total protected area in Cambodia is 7.5 millions hectares.

Virachey National Park is one of the only two ASEAN heritage national parks in Cambodia, covering 334,163 hectares. With our English and French-speaking guides teamed up with indigenous rangers, we can introduce you to activities like:

  • Virachey Jungle Trekking
  • Ethnic community treks
  • Exploring the culture of minority villages
  • Volcanic lake, waterfalls, Gem mining
  • The gibbon-spotting protected area is located in Veun Sai/Siempang National Park between Ratanakiri and Steung Treng provinces.

Here are some photos of activities:

Dense jungle

Bamboo rafting


Coming back from the trek

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