Ratanakiri Day Trips

Ratanakiri has a lot to explore! Here are a few thing that you can do:

  • Trip 1

Starting from Banlung city at 8:30 a.m., we visit the Kachahn, Katieng, Cha Ong waterfalls and the volcanic lake (Yeaklom lake) ,which is a great place to swim. Then we go on to a Tampuan indigenous village (minority tribe). At the end, we visit Phnom Savy hill to enjoy the sunset and reclined Buddha statue before come back to Banlung .


1 person: $20-$30

2+persons: $15-$28/each

Volcanic Lake

Kachanh Waterfall

Cha Ong Waterfall


  • Trip 2

Starting from Banlung at 8:30 a.m. to Veun Sai district (35Km), we first visit the local market. After we take a small boat up the Sesan River (around 1 hour) to the Kachok indigenous village, learning about their culture and seeing their ancient cemetery, we take the boat back to Veun Sai have lunch. After our meal we continue on down the river about only 10 minutes to see a Chinese and a Laotian village, followed by returning to Banlung.


1 person: $40-$60

2+ persons: $30-$50 each

Boat trip

minority village


Rice field

  • Trip 3

Starting from Banlung at 8:30 a.m., we visit a Tampuan village, gem mine, rubber plantation, and cashew field. Having lunch in the Andoung Meas district (55 km from Banlung), after our meal we visit Jarai indigenous villages and their ancient cemetery. Then we return to Banlung at 4 p.m.


1 person: $30–$69

2+ persons: $25–$50 each

Gem mining


  • Trip 4

Starting from Banlung at 8:30 a.m., we travel to the Ou'sean Lair waterfall (25 km) and on the way back, we can visit the gem mine, rubber plantation and the volcanic lake (Yeaklom) before returning to Banlung. This tour finishes at noon.


1 person: $15–$40

2+ persons: $15–$30 each

Ou'Sean Lair or Seven-step waterfall

All the tours will be coming with an English or French speaking guide and also every tour that we provide you can choose to do it with a car, tuk-tuk, or motorbike. This effects the price difference (the car is the most expensive, the moto is the cheapest option).

If you are interested in creating a plan for your custom tour, we are here to listen to your interests and we would love to help you design the perfect trip!

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