2 or 3 day Virachey National Park Trek

2 or 3 day Virachey National Park Jungle Trekking

Departing from Banlung and first crossing the Sesan River by ferry an hour north of town, we meet with indigenous guides who show you the secrets of surviving in the forest — from catching fish and collecting wild vegetables to building your raft from bamboo. The average tourist does 1–3 days, but trips can be as long as 10 days, venturing deep into the pristine old-growth forest full of animals like tigers, white elephants, sun bears, gibbons, ibis, hornbills and toucans, and countless butterflies and creatures yet to be described by western scientists.


Option 1

-2n/3days of Virachey national park jungle trekking “Olalai bamboo rafting adventures”!

Level: Medium hard

First day:

-We leave Banlung city at 8:30 am to the northern(Sesan river) about 1 hour drive then crossing by a ferry boat continue on motorbikes to the minority village where our trek starts: At the beginning we walk for 1 and a half hours along the forest and minority farm-houses to the Virachey National Park border and walk across the Lalai river with 35 meters width have lunch there after meal we have to go on for 3 hours more so that we arrive the serene waterfall we can swim and also where our camping spot is. At night around 7pm we will do a trekking by night for fun and kinds of night experient before go to bed!.

Second day:

-After breakfast and coffee we will trek in a real primary forest for 3 hours more , during this activity trek we will learn about plans and useful trees and our English speaking guide will explain about the jungle and wildlife if we were found i.e.we trek to the same Lalai river but deeper spot, after having lunch and swim we ‘ll built a bamboo raft together and floating down for 3 hours direct to the minority family where is our second night camp , have meal with them and drink their traditional rice vine and our English speaking guide will explain about their lifes and cultures.

Third day:

-After breakfast and coffee we will climb a mountain to see the panoramic view of the whole National Park and learning how to make a bamboo-cup before we trek back for three hours toward our bikes to return Banlung city we suppose to arrive at 4-5pm.

* Note for this program you also can choose to do between another night camping or home-stay on the second night, too.

-If you do another night camping we will get deeper in the denser jungle ,can do some fishing . For the third day we have to leave earlier because of we are far from the city, rafting for 3-4hrs lunch with a minority family after meal we trek back directly our motorbikes we suppose to get back Banlung city at 5pm.

Option 2

–Virachey explore wildlife trek(2days trek and 3day trek )

First day:

-Departure at 8: 30 am out of Banlung city to the Sesan river by motorbike or car depending on the group is 1hour drive then taking a small boat driving out of the Sesan river into the Olalai river (small river) by spending time 50 minutes , get to the Kavet indigenous village where we start our trek:

At the beginning we walk along mixed forest plantations of minority farming, taking a break looking for a tarantula how they live in the ground, and after this two hours walk we get into the Virachey National Park jungle area so our indigenous ranger will lead us for 2 hours crossing dense bamboo jungle toward the small river where our camp there. Nice panoramic view point has a bamboo pipe waterfall enough to shower! We will have a little drink before bed.

Second day:

-We wake up early morning at 5:45 am to trek with our ranger following him to listen to the Gibbon singing in the high canopy and if we were lucky we could see them, returning to camp for breakfast after their morning sounds are complete. We will trek 5-6 hours back by a different trail . Since it’s jungle, sometimes there is no trail so we need to use maches!

If you wish to do it as three day this program would be charged, from the second day i.e. instead of trekking back we will trekking on for 5- 6hours more to camp at another small stream where is deeper spot inside the giant park, so we’ll have more chance to see wildlife and we can do a different experience” Trekking by night” along the small river for one hour before go to bed…

Third day :

Duration trek is 5-6hrs.

After breakfast we trekking back by a long trail as a loop to get ours motorbike and arrived Banlung at 5-6pm.

When you do 3 day, you will have more chance to see wildlife and denser jungle!

*Chance to see wildlife

This option trek is more chance to see wildlife compare with all other options trek (More day is more chance) because this is a new explored and non-touristic.

Anyway there is no guaranteed to see wildlife as we can’t make an appointment with them.

Between May-October is less chance to see all these animals.