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Kachok Community Jungle Trekking | 1-3 Days

Departing from Banlung and venturing north by boat along the Sesan River, we dock the boat 45 minutes later and begin hiking for 4 hours through moderately difficult hilly jungle to arrive at a 40 meter tall waterfall, Riyus, where our animist Kachok guides offer whiskey and other sacrifices to the spirit of the waterfall. We sleep at the waterfall one night, and by night you can take a night trek to see animals like slow lorises, giant owls, butterflies and all the other creatures that emerge from the jungle by night. In the morning, after coffee served in a bamboo cup and a breakfast provided by the guides, we continue hiking about 6 more hours to the Kachok village where we arrive at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. We visit the cemetery where traditional statues mark the graves of Kachok families, a remote tribe consisting of two villages that is very similar to the much larger Kreung people. We stay with the family for the night if you would like, experiencing the animist culture of the tribal people of Kachok, but the village is close enough that you can return to Banlung by boat in the nearby river that night, arriving within 1 hour.

What to bring?

Green Jungle Trekking Tours provides a hammock, blanket, drinkware, silverware, water, and if needed, rainflies and machetes. The guides provide all meals and carry all the food for you. Our Khmer guide, Rithy Thomas, can explain and translate everything in English & some French to you, and our indigenous/minority rangers have lived their whole lives fishing and hunting the forests and rivers of Virachey.

In a lightweight pack with enough room left for the typical throw pillow on a couch — the hammock and blanket zip up into a single pillow-sized bag — visitors should bring:

The important thing is to pack as light as possible! This is the jungle and the easier you can maneuver through tight spaces, the better.

$30-$65/day each person

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The waterfall where we stay for the fist night.

Minority people of Ratanakiri blend traditional animist beliefs with Christian beliefs introduced to them by missionaries. These Kachok tombs are animist in their origin, although you see influences of the modern world like depictions of walkie-talkies and guns, things they will need in the afterlife.

A cemetery of the minority Kachok people.

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