Body oriented Therapy

"A moment of words, listening, exchanging, addressing your expectations, your questions ... at your own pace.

A secure and respectful space, to receive a massage in full conscience with softness and simplicity. A moment of intimacy towards the opening of the heart and your Sacred Feminity, which is not an attribute of just you, but is found as an inner treasure in every woman."

For you

The following phrases are the result of conversations in my cabinet:

« I learned to listen to my own limits and to make them be respected ... ».

« I deepened the relationship with my body, with my emotions ... ».

« I realize that I have the right to exist, to be and to have my own desires and needs ».

« I feel more feminine, I rediscover myself in my femininity ...».

« I had forgotten that I was a woman first, not only a ...».

« I start to identify my repetitive mechanisms when I start a relationship».

« With our work, the relationship with my partner has improved .... ».

There is no sexual activity in the proposed work.

My proposal is also open to Men, willing to work on themselves. Read more ...

My style

Respect. Silence. Observation.

Focused on experimentation, the body is a powerful source of information, containing emotions, feelings and we need to pay attention to that.

Sensible to a deep listening and respect for your own limits.

I pay attention to details.


  • Leave time enough to integrate the experience.
  • Co-create a safe and respectful environment.

Practical information

  • Each session takes about 2 hours 30 minutes;
  • 3 to 4 weeks between sessions are optimal to let integration happen;
  • In order to obtain a first impression of me, I offer an introductory talk by phone. This allows you to perceive yourself before going any further;
  • Price per session: 150 EUR