Fernando Vivanco

Coaching et méditation pour travailler sur nos émotions en connexion avec notre corps, pour approfondir la conscience. Respect. à votre rythme.


I offer you a space to help identify and better understand your impulses, reactions and your internal conflicts, before we begin to work on them.

You want to know how a coaching session helps you?


My personal journey led me to the doors of the feminine universe, and I was able to appreciate its richness, its complexity, its sensitivity, its feelings, its strength, its fragility, its storms and its calms. From that moment, I put myself at the service of the Sacred Femininity.

We can start working from where you are now.


I offer different group activities such as

  • Active Meditations

  • Residential workshops - Body Heart Conscience

  • Others

Discover these options to improve the quality to your time!