Group activities

"We all lead busy lives, and even the best intention to do something gets diluted due to several reasons. Joining a group can make you more committed to your practice; and the group can also be inspiring to every member".

The activities explained below were part of my reality during years, they keep contributing to my transformation.

By sharing them with you, it's not about learning the techniques but taking the time needed to observe yourself and being able to integrate the experience, in a conscious way.

Active Meditations

What is it?

An approach to meditation that includes movements such as dancing, shaking, breathing, walking, combined with moments of silence and stillness.

What is the proposal?

  • A regular practice is proposed although the participation to a single session is possible.

  • Practice the same type of meditation 4 times in a row to leave behind the fascination of the “first time” experience and other mental traps.

  • Clean some initial garbage and be invited to observe your thoughts, your behaviours, your sensations, your emotions.

  • Kids can also participate as of the age of 11-12 years old. An added value for them is to witness their parents doing meditation to improve their inner-self.

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Residential workshops - Body Heart Conscience

"The Ego is considered as the foundation of the personality, especially in psychology but also as an obstacle to our spiritual evolution. Identification with the Ego (mental), the source of our daily difficulties, creates suffering. We validate those beliefs that end up taking control over our lives, thus moving us away from who we really are.

The proposed work offers experiences to become the witness, to feel the energy of life, to (re) discover its real nature, which is Love." - Nicolle Verchere

An invitation to return to the source, the center of feelings, here and now ... to become free and responsible.

Register to workshops by following the link:

  • Workshops 2020 - Cancelled (Covid sanitary measures)

  • 2021 - May (Pentecôte) Saturday 22 (10hs) to Monday 24 (17hs) - Wepion

  • 2021 - October Friday 22 (17hs) to Sunday 24 ( 17hs) - Wepion

Animated by Nicolle Verchere & Alain Darnanville. Organised by Fernando Vivanco.

For further explanations, you can contact me.


"Just a few dance steps, tightly intertwined, to do good to body and soul".

In the context of cancer treatment, tango can help patients to gently reconnect with their body and regain the femininity that is sometimes affected. If you wish, you can visit this website to find out about the different options.

I am part of a charming group of gentlemen who meet with pleasure and respect to support the work led by Joan De Rijck and Hugo Godoy.

Practical information

  • Next sessions are to be confirmed (due to Covid's measures);

  • The proposal consists of 8 - 10 sessions;

  • It starts at 19hs and ends at 23hs;

  • You can contact me directly.