Body oriented Therapy

For you

The following phrases are the result of conversations in my cabinet. After having obtained the agreement of people involved, I take the liberty to share them with you. I find that the following words are more accurate to describe the work done than a long speech.

Respect and thanks to the people who have honored me with these words.

« I learned to listen to my own limits and to enforce them. ... I feel more in tune with who I am ».

« I deepened the relationship with my body, with my emotions. It has become more fluid, more authentic ».

« I realize that I have the right to exist, to be and to have my own desires and needs ».

« I feel more feminine, I rediscover myself in my femininity ... I want to take care of myself ... to be beautiful ».

« I had forgotten that I was a woman first, not only a mother of three kids».

« I start to identify my repetitive mechanisms when I start a relationship and it allows me to" stop "and readjust myself ».

«... With our work, the relationship with my partner has improved, especially in the emotional exchange, but also physical ».

« It felt good to feel a male presence and to feel respected in the simplicity. ... It's been a while ».

« This is the first time in my life that I have been alone for 8 months. ... I don't need a relationship anymore to feel good. It's a discovery that builds me up».

« I did not realize how angry I was about men. Speaking in front of you made me good ».

If you consider it, we can have a phone conversation to exchange words on how to help your internal process, in a context of respect and confidentiality.