Results from January 2019


Final school report Slovenia - January 2019


The task for January 2019 was done by students of the 7th grade of the Vrsi District School. They were assisted by Marina Diklic Matešić, a history teacher. Padlet, Mind Meister and Sutori are used as the collaboration tools.

After the previous agreement, the pupils in Padlet made a presentation of Napoleon's conquests and the French Revolution:


Password: NAPOLEON

In Sutori, the same events are placed on the timeline:

In Mind Meister they created a mental map on the theme of the Revolution of 1848.

The tools are all in a free version so they have limitations as to the number of shots or the input of images / videos. As a source, they mostly used Wikipedia that was not a reliable historical source (although the teacher offered them Spartacus Educational and Historiana), but it was the easiest way for them.

Of the ten students who participated, two or three were used to ICT, others needed help.

Finally they made a video about their collaborative work:


January activity 2019 Norway.pdf


To achieve the goal of the January task, I asked for help a group of kids who attend my extracurricular English classes. I wanted them to assist in creating some tasks for an English lesson revision for grade 5. The first task that children had to deal with were words connected with geography. The other one, connected to the previous one was: comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.

The kids first decided that the best way to put their all ideas together was creating a padlet. Some decided that they would put the grammar explanations and exercises using Microsoft word, others dreamt of creating their own Kahoots, so that their friends could play them during classes.

Before showing what they created to the whole class, the kids were testing their friends' work. They shared comments and left feedback.

During the lesson the whole class could play Kahoots and check if they remembered the grammar and the vocabulary we were learning during English classes. We used the interactive whiteboard to complete the sentences with comparative and superlative forms.

The class was thrilled that they could participate in such classes. Children who created the tasks for their friends felt very proud of their achievements, and so was I.

The padlet created for this task can be seen below:

password: January


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