Results from april 2018

By now we have already learned a lot from our great project. This big knowledge have made it possible for us to describe which basic skills will be necessary for each of our schools to use ICT as a constructive tool for learning.

All of our schools already have a plan for this and this month each school had to reflect if and how this plan needed to be adjusted. All of our school's adjusted plans have been translated into english to inspiration for all participants and also to inspire teachers all over Europe. Some of the new things in the plans may not be possible to go through with here and now. Then we have added a date when the new plan/the new initiative has to be implemented.

The products and descriptions from this month you will find right here on this page.


April task Norway.docx (gendannet)


ICT competence development plan - Slovenia 0418


POLAND April task 2018


Erasmus Danmark april 2018