Results from December 2017

Our focus this month is: We use our results from October to focus on guidance and feedback to the individual pupil in order to make well customized learning. We use web2 elements like Google Docs/Microsoft 365

For our focus this month our colleagues in Norway decided to use Google Docs with 4 pupils with individual education plan. Besides Google Docs they also used a padlet. Their experience showed very good results and is easy to copy and use for free:

Kopi af Erasmus December foreløpig status

Our colleagues from Poland decided to work with two Internet portals - and (very eloquent portal names). Their fine results are described in the document underneath and very easy to use as inspiration.

December assignment Poland

In Croatia our colleagues focused this way:

The pupils used Microsoft 365. They connected cellphone on the computer . They opened a map of the photos and they learned how to switch photos on the computer. They also chose the most interesting photos and videos. They learned something new about Office 365.They quickly learned how to do that. Also they learned something about Sway. They learned how to do some presentation and new lessons in Sway.

In Slovenia our colleagues this month chose to focus on formatting. Once again they worked with our focus point in different classes and differentiate according to the age of the pupils.

Report - december 2017 - OS Blanca.docx

The focus this month for the Danish partner is 4. grade who have been working with google docs to focus on individual guidance and feedback to the pupils, in order to make well customized learning in danish.

This way of working, giving the pupils individual written feedback, is in line with Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Have a look at two examples (in Danish) right here: 1 2

Erasmus dec. 17 Denmark