Results from February 2018

How do we and our pupils find the best possible ICT to spread our good experience and learning - ICT as a learning logbook for teachers/pupils?

According to Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy some of the key terms are questioning, reviewing, commenting and collaborating.

Therefore this month we have tried out some of these key terms. For us it has been exciting to let some classes work across borders around a pre-agreed ICT software. The pupils have been allowed to choose if they wanted to work individually or in small groups with an activity where, for example, they exchange experiences, tips and good experiences about the agreed ICT software via web2. In this way, they will be able to practice communication (which can be done in English or, for example, by using small movies recorded with screen video recorder, digital image pictures or the like). They have also been able to ask each other questions and comment each other.

Look more pictures from Croatia during Skype session

This month we split our FAST group into two. One group consisted of schools from Denmark, Slovenia and Poland and the other group of schools from Norway and Croatia. Both groups chose to work with the excellent (and free) portal and Skype also became a part of the cooperation

The results clearly show that collaborating online is easy and simple - an important aspect of all countries' curricula. See the pictures below and click on them to go directly to

Norway's inspiring thoughts about this month's topic.

The pupils from Norway and Croatia worked together this month. They agreed about a Skype session and underneath they share their experiences and thoughts about this great way of meeting online

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