The Author


Artist Name : A.A.Lucas

Real Name : Andrew-Anthony Lucas

Born : 1974

Profession : Multicore Artist

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The multicore artist Andrew-Anthony Lucas grew up as a half-orphan in a precarious family situation in Schleswig Holstein.

He finished school at the age of 15 and entered the world of the performing arts, such as dance, singing and acting. Later he settled in exactly these subjects and played with many engagements in various bands and on many stages through Germany and Europe.

Major theater roles (e.g. in Molière's THE MISER, Brecht's THE BEGGARS OPERA and in Wagner's opera THE FLYING DUTCHMAN) brought him the necessary experience for various in-house productions in the theater field, with which he repeatedly made a name for himself as an author and director.

He broke off studying film director and animator after a short time because he preferred to learn while and through work.

This was followed by some scripts for feature films, two short films and the shooting of a full-length horror film.

His cinematic works have so far remained unpublished. However, he steadily continued his autodidactic study of writing.

After successfully completing a singing competition in 1999, A.A.Lucas was long known in the music scene as "The Golden Voice".

For the resulting CD production "The new Europa" he sang the official promotional song -QUEEN OF THE SEA- for the famous Hapag Lloyd cruise ship.

From 2001 to 2003 he worked in the studio of the producer team of U-96 under Warner Chappell. This was followed by a number one placement in the international techno charts with the title "Fly with me", together with the music project RACCOON.

In 2013 he invented the first interactive crime theater play -CORPUS DELICTI TOURS-, which he is performing several times a week in Hamburg since then.

In 2020 he lost his high-pitched singing voice due to corona disease. He uses his speaking voice, which is now much darker, to record audio books and podcasts.

A.A.Lucas has lived and worked in Hamburg since 2005, where he founded the company HANSA IDEAL ENTERTAINMENT in 2012.


As a book author:

  • The cuddle muscle - children's book (out of print)

  • Corpus Delicti - Na Toll ... (Paperback / e-publi)

As a music producer:

  • 2003 - Techno Charts / (10 weeks) number one hit - "Fly with me" (with RACCOON)

As a playwright and director:

  • 2006 - NORMAL IS NICH (Comedy)

  • 2012 - DENNIS (drama)

  • 2013 - CORPUS DELICTI TOURS (interactive crime play)

As a film director:

  • 2009 - Flug Ver(Pass)t (short film)

  • 2010 - Haunted Hunter (feature film / horror) previously unreleased

  • 2011 - Living like a Dog (short film) - Feature film with Horst Janson, currently in pre-production


While researching his crime theater play CORPUS DELICTI TOURS, Lucas accidentally uncovered the murder of his father, who died under mysterious circumstances in Hamburg in 1979. He wrote down his experiences in the book - CORPUS DELCITI - Na Toll ... -.

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