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Sight under the bridge St. Chely du Tarn

Tradition meets Myth

Notre-Dame de lAssomption

The picturesque village in the Lozére region lies in the middle of the George du Tarn basin, a mountain gorge between Le Rozier and Sainte-Enimie.

Even today, the small community is committed to its tradition and has retained the charm of the past up to the modern age.

There are only a few houses here that have adapted to social developments.

Everything is still original.

Although quite a few buildings have fallen into disrepair, most of the houses are open to visitors and the residents of St. Chely du Tarn have taken advantage of tourism.

There is, for example, the Roman Catholic church "Notre-Dame de lAssomption", the waterfall "Auberge de la Cascade" and, last but not least, the large arch bridge over the Tarn river, which connects the village with the serpentine through the gorge.

A.A.Lucas chose this location as the ultimate starting point for his novel.

Auberge de la Cascade
St. Chely du Tarn on an old Postcard around 1900

St. Chely du Tarn / Postcard (around 1900)

"If your inner labyrinth is a canyon, the way to the center always leads you over the rift."

The story of TIMEWULF begins where the old myths of werewolves began:

In France at the end of the 18th century.

In the midst of a time of civil war and the great poverty after the Inquisition, there was absolute autonomy in a village like this when it came to dealing with customs and rites.

This is exactly where the TIMEWULF SAGA finds its brilliant start and from there starts a fantastic and exciting journey through time and space . . .

A dark alley in St. Chely du Tarn

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