The Saga

The Timewulf Saga

is a high fantasy series by A.A.Lucas.

Here the werewolf myth and the time travel theorem are combined into one subject for the first time.

The werewolf legend is told in a completely new way, whereby the genres history, science fiction and fantasy overlap with historical events.

The main part is the so-called tricycle, a nine-part series of epic stories that are presented according to the Lucassian narrative principle:

The tricycle contains 3 cycles, which in turn are divided into 3 honeycomb-like interwoven blocks, resulting in a total of 3 diagonally overlapping trilogies, each consisting of 3 parts (passage). These are:

    • Trilogie I > Memory

    • Trilogie II > History

    • Trilogie III > Legacy

Each of these trilogies tells an epic story about a number of individuals whose paths intersect within the cycles.


Basic idea

A.A.Lucas got the idea for the novel series while filming a B-movie. The trigger was the slip of the tongue by a crew member who used the words time and wolf in a sentence so quickly that Lucas perceived them as one word.


TIMEWULF (in German: Zeitwolf) refers to the ability not only to transform into a werewolf when the moon is full, but also to travel through time.

The multi-trilogy concept

The scheme of the Trinity is found not only in the three trilogies themselves, but also in many ways in the story.

The number three appears again and again in the context of the timelines, and there are many borrowings from the magic number "3" in the mechanism of the narrative structure.

Each part of the series is a complete story, but the individual contents cannot be separated directly from the other parts, as all of them together make up the tricycle.

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