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New Content: STORYTELLING (finished) + The first 4 Comic Pages . . . (Members only!)

"Forget everything, you know about Werewolves."

Welcome, dear werewolf fans and everyone who already calls themselves "Timies" on the official website of A.A.Lucas´ TIMEWULF Saga.

The 9-part horror series starts on Halloween 2022 with the first part:

TIMEWULF - Memory - (Vol.1) - Tempus Lupus

Until October 30th, 2022 you can discover new information and content about the greatest werewolf story of all time here.

Every week we gradually release brand new and interesting content for you, which will continuously give you an even deeper insight into the incredibly exciting TIMEWULF universe.

We wish you a lot of fun. Aawuuuhhh !!!

TIMEWULF Comic # 1

leak for Christmas

This is the sensation!

We would like to present you the first pages of the first TIMEWULF Comic #1. Yo can see them exclusively in the community. (The joinment is free.)

So tell as many friends and relatives as possible, direct them to our homepage and ask them to join the community.

This is completely free of charge and helps us to make our project better known.

We would like to thank all our helpers.

Drawings © by Celso Mazine


Every week we will introduce you to songs, A.A.Lucas have heard while writing for TIMEWOLF and which inspired him.

Maybe some of these will show up later in the films. Who knows . . .

Ohh, le france ...


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