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The theory of dimensions according to A.A.Lucas

In our world, scientists assume that we are in the third dimension.

Some argue that the fourth dimension must be purely a time dimension and others argue that the fourth dimension is an exponential extension of the third dimension that inevitably results in what is commonly referred to as a "tesseract" .

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Dimension 1 - The Non-Existence of the spirit -

Assuming that the spiritual world or the pure state of mind already represents a kind of form of existence, the spirit must already be the first dimension. This makes sense insofar as the spirit in and of itself has no form and cannot form a form on its own.

Therefore, one cannot speak of existence by definition here either. You have to call it non-existence, since our conception of existence is firmly connected to the feeling of the wider dimensions in which we live.

Theoretically, however, one could also view life itself as a special form of existence and thus as a further dimension. But more on that later.

The spirit cannot be grasped - that is why we can also call it "nothing". But even "nothing" would be "something" in the case of our understanding of "to be" and "not to be".

Assuming that everything that "is" was created by "something", it can only be the spirit that accomplishes it.

Obviously, it is able to create things out of itself through creativity, but needs 3 more "ingredients" to guarantee this - namely space, matter and time.

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Dimension 2 - Trinity -

Trinity Symbol

So we come to the next dimension. This is a kind of double dimension - because space and time are (according to A.A.lucas) one and the same.

Since it takes time to create something, space inevitably arises. Because without space, creation in and of itself would not be possible.

Only nothing can arise in anything. But so that nothing becomes something, space is necessary.

The mere creation of "something" in a room automatically creates time, because creation lasts as long as it lasts.

And when something is created, it will exist as long as it exists.

So by creating matter in space, time is also created at the same time. A double if not a triple creation.

So time is the constant between space and matter that makes it possible at all to let things arise.

So the second dimension is already our reality.

Dimension 3 - Matter -

The third dimension is matter because it arises from the combination of spirit and time.

Together they create matter, which automatically creates space - namely the space between matter and anti-matter - i.e. being and non-being.

The British physicist Peter Higgs discovered that non-being eats up being. Anti-matter swallows matter. But not always and everywhere.

This process is ambivalent and seemingly arbitrary. But if we assume that nothing happens in the universe without a reason, then there may be a plan or at least a timing behind it that either cannot be stopped because it is predetermined and immovable. Or it can be influenced and thus stopped.

The big question, however, is - what happens when this cosmic process is interrupted?

So in order to make a room tangible, do you need something? Right - matter.

Which brings us to the fourth dimension.

Dimension 4 - The Soul -

According to popular theory, we live in the third dimension, but LLucas says, at the same time we represent our own dimension as objects in the third dimension.

And the fourth - life.

So the fourth dimension is the combination of spirit, time, space and matter - let's call it "existence".

So what would the fifth dimension be according to this thinking?

Quite simply: This is where the tesseract comes into play again, because if you expand the third dimension by a fourth dimension according to the conventional theory, you arrive at infinity, since the possibilities of the spaces to be represented in a tesseract are unlimited and the simultaneous expansion theoretically results in a thorus in all directions.

This thorus in turn is infinite in itself. It is the result that shows us the incomprehensibility of being. A structure that functions by itself and has no beginning and no end - God?

If this thinking is transferred to the creation of the world, this God is either in the first dimension or in the zero-dimension, i.e. in "nothing".

One could also say that God "is nothing" - he is just spirit. Yet the mind is free to move through time and space.

So if you go into the fifth dimension, you enter the spiritual world again. A world in which "everything" is possible and "nothing" is impossible.

"Nothing" is impossible - do you get it?

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Let us now ask ourselves who we are, where we come from, where we are going and what we do:

We know we have a mind. And we know that we are made of matter and move forward through time in a three-dimensional space.

When we die, we suspect, our spirit leaves our material body and goes back into the spiritual world, in order, as some religions suggest, then to go into another body and move forward again in three-dimensional space through time. Until we die again and do it all over again.

So far so good. But is that also possible in the other direction? Can we go back in time, for example to undo things?

In theory yes, because if you can move in one direction, you can usually move in the opposite direction.

But in order to send solid matter through time in a direction other than forward, it must first become a spiritual level again and then "rematerialize" again in another time and in another space. That’s the theory.

But can that ever be possible?

Actually yes, because if a god can create things out of nothing or out of himself, he can also transform them back into nothing and create them again.

Either changed or exactly the same as before. After all, he (she, it ...) is a god and everything is possible for him.

Got it? Everything is possible.

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Who are we actualy?

Time Travel art

So. If we assume that an almighty God created us out of himself, that puts us in the fact that we ourselves are an inseparable part of this God, which in fact makes us this God.

All of us, along with everything that exists.

So all that is is God. So are we.

If that's true, we don't need to look in any religion for the one God who will deliver us from anything we're trying to break out of.

But on the contrary. We would then only have to recognize that everything is possible for us, as gods, and we create our world ourselves, every day anew, whether with good intentions or with bad intentions, whether in one direction or in the other.

With our creativity, we could make the earth a planet that would be what we really wanted. A home - for everyone - in which everyone can be what they want - with equal rights - in peace and without coercion or oppression. Or the opposite of that . . .

That would be entirely up to us.

But this wish can only be fulfilled if it is possible to convince all people of this truth at the same time.

And the powerful of this world have still managed to prevent this from happening.

How to overcome the Grandpa Paradoxon?

Based on the fact that a higher power created the universe and based on the fact that the teaching behind the "law of attraction" is correct and thus everything that is consists of energy that exists in a certain frequency and thus relates to time, space and Matter united, it is only logical that this higher power also has the power to influence this process or state of existence - either positively, negatively or neutrally.

Since it seems that this higher power created the universe for the sole reason that everything would somehow make sense (including its own existence), the order of things as it is in our universe is just as logical.

Now, of course, one can ask the question whether some other form of existence would not have done it too? The answer is. Probably yes. Because it is just as likely that there are many other forms of existence that we cannot even begin to grasp with our human mind.

So that time travel can now be possible within our existence, we need a prerequisite that allows us to bypass the so-called "grandfather paradox". This is also quite possible in this theory.

We know the butterfly effect - everything we do has an impact on the future, even if we travel back to the past to change things in the future.

In the film series "The Butterfly Effect" this happens in such a way that due to the changed event in the past, the future is changed either negatively or positively.

In various other films the same action has a neutral effect. This means that the actual event cannot be averted, only the circumstances of how it comes about.

E.g. someone wants to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak by killing patient zero. But now it happens, for example, that patient zero annihilates the assassin from the future shortly before his death and thus the assassin becomes patient zero.

A problem would be if one could not predict whether the change in the event would have a positive, a negative or a neutral effect.

It only seems certain that the law of attraction ensures that the event itself somehow occurs anyway. So can fate not be influenced? The answer is: yes, but inevitable.

As in a computer game with many variables, the path always leads to the same goal.

Although the grandfather paradox is now more or less overcome, we have a new problem - causality. So how is this overcome?

The grandfather paradoxon

The problem of causality

In relation to the law of attraction, the principle of cause and effect cannot be separated from the number of factors influencing it.

Almost 7.77 million people live on earth. In addition, about 100 times as many animals.

So measured by these numbers, humanity is more of the smaller part. However, humans have one thing ahead of animals. The ability to think complexly and express oneself in the same way.

If we now assume that man was created in the image of God, i.e. basically has exactly the same abilities as this indefinable higher power, then we must also assume that it is man who significantly influences the law of attraction.

Only about 2 to 5% of all people have more or less knowledge about the law of attraction (LoA). They use the LoA more or less consciously.

An estimated 65 to 85% of them try to lead it in a positive direction. About 15 to 35% of them use it in turn to cause negative effects for humanity.

These people also do this consciously.

The rest, however, don't care or have no clue about a law of attraction.

Time and space

This majority, approx. 95 to 98%, influence the LoA in a neutral way. They are influenced by both positive and negative acting people. These can be people who use the LoA consciously or unconsciously. Because everyone does it, whether they want to or not - that is a psycho-physical certainty.

Since God seems to be an equally psycho-physical being, it seems logical at this point that this higher power can also be influenced in some way by the law of attraction.

We know that from the Bible, where people have managed to influence God, either negatively or positively.

If Jesus has achieved the decisive impetus for a fundamentally neutral attitude of God towards people, then the New Testament is our guideline.

But if Jesus from Christianity is only a fairy tale figure, then God is not a human-like being either.

And if God is not a human-like being, then we are not created in his image, but we are something new that has not existed before.

The influence of people on the Law of Attraction (LoA)

For example, Covid-19 could be a response from the LoA to the ongoing global demonstrations against climate change.

In other words, our "prayers" have been answered and "God" (or the universe) has sent us a plague that forces us into our homes so that we no longer pollute the air with factories, cars and ship engines.

According to various environmental experts, this alone has a great positive effect. Corona is actually the necessary emergency brake that nobody could have imagined.

So that's how people can make a big difference, and that's the problem with causality.

So if we finally assume that time travel is possible, but that events cannot be prevented, but only changed, then we have to find a way to break the chain of causality or to influence it so strongly that the end of the domino brick road is not further influenced.

So that would mean that it is not enough to prevent an event from the future by changing the past. You have to travel back to other points and change various factors so that there is a causal change.

At the same time, it is necessary to calculate as precisely as possible or to find out which factors the event is stuck to.

Only when you have changed all the factors - like the switches on a multi-section railway line - only then does the train for the right event arrive at its destination.

So the theories behind Back to the Future and Terminator make perfect sense, but they forget the quintessence - the law of attraction.

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