Rise and Fall of an Empire


Background Knowledge / No.1


The company HATSUMEI SYSTEMS, founded in 1974 by main partner Yutaka Hatsumei, has long been involved in the development of military weapons.

This was followed later by the production of computer chips, finally also organically, in connection with artificial intelligence.

The company was, inter alia, a key player in Japanese space travel.

Timewulf - Hatsumei Systems Logo

The old Logo of Hatsumei Systems

Success and failure

Hatsumei Senior had reached its absolute peak with his company in 2012 and had a capital of the equivalent of 600 billion US dollars.

Endowed with this immense fortune, Hatsumei Senior vowed to do a great service to the world and to free it from the chains of resource dependence.

When Yutaka Hatsumei and his company participated in the so-called "Japaluna" program of the Japanese between 2007 and 2009, his son Masao headed the team that controlled the moon orbiter of the Japanese space agency JAXA.

Its space probe Kaguya (Japanese か ぐ や) was in use for two years before it malfunctioned under circumstances that are still not fully understood and was then destroyed during a planned landing on the moon. At 3726,71 MPh it hit on June 10th, 2009 at 20:25 CEST at 80.4 ° E, 65.5 ° S near the crater Gill.

Hatsumei Systems was blamed for this accident. The company did not recover from this fiasco and lost almost half of its corporate assets.

A new Generation

When founding father Yutaka Hatsumei died in 2020, his son Masao inherited the company and gave it a new name - SEKI SYSTEMS.

SEKI is an acronym for the company's new function - the search for complete freedom of movement in relation to the world's resources - or

(The Search for Entire Kinetic Independence), in other words - Free Energy for All.

The company's first project was the so-called LunEx program, which had the aim of recovering the Kaguya space probe ...

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