An old weapon , from more civilized days. . .

Weapons / No. 1

The ones with <. . . .> marked contents are still secret and will be activated at a later point in time.

The Hamus

Explanation of terms: Hamus = (Latin for hook, fishing rod or bait) also called "wolf fishing rod".

The Hamus is a cutting, thrusting, striking and swinging weapon with extendable or foldable blades that can be used as a cut and stabbing instrument as well as a barbs.

This ancient weapon of the ancestors of the <. . . .> is a kind of hybrid of sword, fighting stick, and <. . . .>.

The basic structure is an extremely sturdy stick consisting of a branch taken from one of the holy ones. . . .> Trees from the <. . . .> Forest originates.

The stick must be a test of courage for young people. . . .> - Warriors beaten by hand and then according to the holy <. . . .> - Warrior traditions can be carved and built by yourself.

The building on the base consists of a metal alloy of titanium, osmium, iridium, tungsten and silver.

The outer metal layer is pervaded with decorations made of quartz and moonstone (Adularia). However, it is not just ornamentation. It's an electrically conductive pattern (like a chip / conductor).

With hard contact, e.g. in a fight with another Hamus, the weapon naturally begins to glow and sparkle (similar to a lightsaber). This effect is called triboluminescence.

If a Hamus is an organism that starts with <. . . .> is infected, penetrates with the necessary force and speed, the negatively charged crystallizes. . . .> in this organism and freezes to 0.11 Kelvin in a fraction of a second.

This makes the blood of a werewolf superconductive. Energy can flow unhindered.

Now the weapon operator can extract positive (or negative) energy from his <. . . .> initiate.

As soon as the Hamus is pulled out again after the barbs have opened, the werewolf to be killed explodes (although it implodes a bit at first).

Both sides <. . . .> and werewolves both have weapons (Hamus and <....>) and can use them against each other.

The <. . . .> but it doesn't, because ideally they shouldn't kill anyone. This is the <. . . .> reserved.

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