Evensong LARP

Welcome to Evensong: The Vesper Rebellion

In the year 807, the Champions began to assemble, answering the call from the Thousand-Fold Assembly to join the Evensong Expedition. Their task: to protect the new enclave that will be constructed near the ruins of Evensong Keep, to locate the long-lost Shrine of Dreams, and defend it against the agents of Nightmare until the Rite of Restoration can be completed in the summer of 809. Only then will the threat of the Nightmare Lord be removed.

A large caravan began the journey north from the Land of Gold and Silver. Dozens of wagons carried the expedition, composed of administrators, farmers, carpenters, hunters, Favored, scribes, laborers, and more, as well as the families of those individuals. The caravan was headed for Evensong, where now, in 808, they intend to begin work on the enclave: clearing land, building structures, preparing to grow crops to sustain the endeavor.

The Champions have been tasked with leading the way along the ancient Stone Road, ensuring that the path is clear of obstacles and that the rest of the following Caravan can reach Evensong safely before the winter snows.

The Caravan has now moved into the cursed North, said to be populated primarily by smugglers, bandits, hermits and the Vespers who serve the Nightmare Lord.

The Evensong Expedition is led by Morgan Shepherd, Favored of Taomun and member of the Holy Council. It is said that it was her order, the Reasoned, who first discovered that the long-lost Shrine of Dreams might be found near Evensong Keep. She is also said to be the one who called for the Champions to be assembled from throughout Concordance, in opposition to other voices within the Assembly who would have preferred the Expedition be guarded by the Templar Order.

Evensong LARP is a live action role playing game brought to you by Winged Throne Productions.