Ethnobotany of Northeast India

Research community as well as a database of names of useful plants of Northeast India - developed by the members of Ethnobotany of Northeast India, Google site.


Ethnobotany is the study of the relationship between people and plants.  Humans have inextricably linked the forest resources into their daily life since a long time. But due to the unpredictable and abrupt population growth, demands for various food products rose leading to the exploitation of natural resources in a record level. Such resources need proper utilisation and demands documentation. This community website is dedicated to enriching the people around the globe about the rich heritage of traditional knowledge, Northeast India holds; to fill the gaps in the documentation of the ethnobotanical knowledge and plants' names of Northeast India on a global platform. Acting to save the last rainforests of the region, by conducting research and creating a citizens movement to heat up the issue (compiling all the written documents and using it to write more). This community was also formed to facilitate knowledge exchange, building conscious and concerned citizens, community building and collaborating with other organizations working towards the same goal.

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ENI on News: 01 October 2020: A budding botanist’s quest for plant-indigenous community relations by Mongabay; 15 October 2020A budding botanist’s quest for plant-indigenous community relations reproduced by The Wire

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"Ethnobotanyofnortheastindia (2020 onwards). Database of names of useful plants of Northeast India - developed by the members of ethnobotanyofnortheastindia Google-site. Accessed at on [07 July 2020 (replace with current date)]."

List of plants along with their vernacular names in english as well as ethnic scripts are arranged according to Ethnic communities and Protected areas. On clicking them one can go to the the sub-pages. Search option is also available under 'Search this site' box in the left at top of the site. 

On clicking the plants you will be redirected to Plants of the World online, a global plant database managed by Kew, for updated nomenclature, photographs and other details. 

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Useful links:For plant names in other languages in India: Names of Plants in IndiaFor images of plants: efloraofindia: Database of Plants of Indian Subcontinent- developed by the members of Efloraofindia Google Group.For global information on medicinal plants: MPNS: Medicinal Plant Names ServiceFor updated nomenclature and distributional data: POWO: Plants of the world onlineFor discussion on identity of plants in Assam: অনামী  (Anamee): অসমৰ নাম নজনা উদ্ভিদ