28 April 2018

Nato Festival

Pillerkaar dances at the NATO Festival in Norfolk, Virginia - 28 April 2018

Pillerkaar took to the road on the last weekend in April for the 2018 NATO Festival in Norfolk, VA. In this year of an anniversary celebration for Estonians, it is certainly noteworthy to celebrate a treaty organization that has helped to keep peace in Europe for decades and boasts four other member states also celebrating 100th anniversaries. The day began with the Parade of Nations, where Pillerkaar joined the Estonian delegation on its float for a ride through the streets of Norfolk gently rocking on the famous Estonian swing (Eesti kiik).

Following the parade, the party moved to Town Point Park for the International Village, where a ring of tents - one for each NATO member state - surrounded a plaza with open space for marching bands and a center stage for performances of folk song and dance. Pillerkaar had the anchor slot and four dancers entertained the crowd on a sunny warm afternoon with the courting dance "Tule aga tule"; the graceful "Vanaviisi valss"; the whimsical "Raksi Jaak" (with one woman and two men); the elegant Austrian waltz "Laendler"; the playful polka "Kalamies"; and the incomparable "Tuljak". Then, many members of the audience, including a number of children, accepted the invitation to join in the fun and learned a few dances themselves. In all, this was a fitting conclusion to a festival that has celebrated friendship and community for nearly 70 years!

Pillerkaar's next performance will be in Washington, DC, Saturday May 12th, outside the Estonian Embassy for the Shortcut to Europe Embassy - Open House Day and two more performances in Washington, DC scheduled in June. Please see www.facebook.com/PillerkaarDC to stay up to date on upcoming performances and to see pictures and videos from past performances. As always, our website: www.pillerkaarwdc.com has information about Pillerkaar’s past activities and contact information.

Jeff Zelek