4 November 2017

Durant Arts Center,

Alexandria, Virginia

Pillerkaar danced at the Durant Arts Center in Alexandria, VA on November 4, 2017.

For three hours the evening of Friday, November 4, 2017, audience members traveled around the world as they watched and then danced with six different groups at the Durant Arts Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Irish, Peruvian, Native Hawaiian, Hungarian, Estonian, and finally Israeli dancers performed in a swirl of beautiful costumes and intricate patterns. After an introduction by Pillerkaar Director Jeff Zelek, three couples proudly represented Estonia, getting the audience tapping their toes to the quick-moving chords and multiple twirls of Kungla Polka. The smooth, stately steps of Padespaan (Estonian for Pas d'Espagne (Spanish Steps)) came next, popular at the end of the 19th century and a marked contrast with the exaggerated, rustic moves of Reilender, which followed. Pillerkaar concluded its stage performance with the lively Jämptpolska, before teaching the audience Üks-kaks-kolm-neli-viis-kuus-seitse and Kaera Jaan. One family learned the dances faster than even dancers from the other groups. To our delight, they turned out to be Estonian-Americans who had come to Alexandria to see us.

The photo and video credit: Jennifer Horowitz