Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

Our Wilderness First Aid program is a two day, a sixteen-hour course designed to prepare people for delayed advanced care and functioning in a remote area.

(CPR is NOT generally covered in this course, but can be arranged.)

Topics include: Protecting yourself, Legal Considerations, Moving and Lifting, Scene Assessment, Shock, Control of Bleeding (advanced), Major Wound, Facial Injuries, Cleaning and Dressing wounds, Burns, Head, Neck and Back Injuries, Extended Injury Management, Breathing Problems, Abdominal Problems, Poisoning, Heat, and Cold Emergencies, Altitude Emergencies, Bites, Stings, Lightning Injuries, Emotional Considerations, First Aid Kits, Water and Food.

This course meets the requirements for LEVEL 2 First Aider. (Approved by GSUSA/BSA/ACA)

Due to the content of this course, this course is for MATURE STUDENTS ONLY. (16+)

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