We offer ON-SITE and VIRTUAL training in Numerous Topics related to Childcare.

CPR and First Aid for Childcare Providers - We come ON-SITE and do CPR and First Aid Training for your staff, in the comfort of your facility! OR Your staff can attend ANY of our PUBLIC OFFERINGS.

Daily Health Observation - Teaches Childcare Providers how to Identity and Exclude potentially contagious children from the licensed facility. Shows examples of childhood illnesses and covers topics such as Infection Control Techniques and Facility Sanitation Guidelines.

Medication Administration Training (MAT) - MAT is a curriculum mandated by VDSS which allows Childcare Providers to administer medicines to children in their care.

Incident Reporting and Documentation - Covers topics related to the proper incident and injury documentation techniques.

Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect - How to recognize signs and symptoms of potentially abused of neglected children in the facility. Covers proper documentation and notification procedures.

Accident Prevention and Injury Control - Our custom made Accident Prevention program for Childcare Centers. Covers techniques used to make Childcare Facilities a Safer Place.

Emergency Preparedness for Childcare Centers - OUR NEWEST Program designed to assess and train your staff for Emergencies ranging from Weather and Natural Disasters to Man-Made Situations like Abductions and Active Shooter.

Social Media for Childcare Centers - This program covers the use of Social Media for Childcare Centers, from the use of a Business Page to Cell Phone and Social Media Policies for Staff AND Parents. Includes a free Basic Cybersecurity Check.

MULTI-TOPIC CHILDCARE SEMINAR - This SEMINAR covers a VARIETY of Topics required by VA Childcare Licensing Standard.  Also, Provides up to 8 hr CE Training Credit for VA Childcare Providers.

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Please email SALES@EMTA.NET for pricing and scheduling of these courses.