Medication Administration for Childcare Providers (MAT)

We offer MAT for Childcare Providers Training.

$100 for MAT IS (4 hr online and 4 hr in-Person) (757 area, 804/540 is $125 Per Person)

$80 for AMAT (Allergy and Anaphylaxis MAT - EPI PEN, INHALER, BENADRYL ONLY) (2 hr Online and 2 hr In-Person)
(757 area, 804/540 is $100 Per Person)

STEP 1 : CLICK HERE to set up an account and take the ONLINE MAT IS PART I

STEP 2 : EMAIL OR FAX Your Certificate of Completion from the ONLINE SECTION to SALES@EMTA.NET

STEP 3 : CONTACT SALES@EMTA.NET to Arrange a Practical Testing Session with our RN/Trainer.


To attend our weekend public MAT courses, CLICK HERE.


Student must be 18 years of age or older

MUST have CURRENT ADULT, CHILD and INFANT CPR CARD at time of class. (Bring it)

MUST PRINT and bring MAT IS Completion Certificate to RN/Trainer. (Bring it)

Must be able to read/write/speak English without assistance to pass written/verbal section.


Tips for MAT Training

  • WATCH the videos. A LOT of info on the TEST is in the videos. Take notes if you like.

  • READ the HANDOUT material. Info from these is ON THE TEST.

  • IF this is your first time, UTILIZE the PRACTICE time! Get familiar with the meds and proper routes of administration.

  • Written test - Take your time! READ the questions carefully. DETAILS!