• New England Institute of Technology thanks Dr. Ron Shapiro for the spirited and enlightening presentation he gave at our annual faculty development day. By focusing on how individuals learn and recall information, Ron helped our instructors reflect on their teaching. These reflections will inspire instructors to revise assignments, reorganize content, and better communicate with students. We are most appreciative of Ron's commitment to tailoring his presentation to suit our needs. We recommend him as a keynote speaker for any educational institution.

-- Jay Aguiar, Chair

Faculty Development Committee

New England Institute of Technology

  • Dr. Ron Shapiro is by far one of the top career development and educational professionals I’ve had the pleasure working with. His dedication to provide an inclusive learning experience was evident as he thoughtfully redesigned his curriculum to fit our student’s needs. Ronald cares about his audience and providing an innovative, engaging, fun and exciting learning environment for all, including students with disabilities who we work with. Ronald is a caring, inspiring, and motivational individual with true talent and a unique approach to learning. I highly recommend you incorporate Ronald G Shapiro’s services into your events or classroom curriculum.

-- Vicktoria Barokha, Business Development

NCISI and ReServe

Warwick, Rhode Island

  • Thank you and your wonderful team for hosting such an awesome workshop. I know me and my coworkers had a ton of fun at the conference and your workshop in particular was the one we could not stop talking about on our long car ride home. I’m excited to discuss the cool mind games with my boss and even try them on some of our kids this week. If you ever have any more games, please send them this way, they’re addicting!

-- Aalesha Morris

Mind Games Champion

  • If you are looking for a unique and fun educational speaker, Dr. Ron Shapiro is your go-to guy. We've had the pleasure of seeing several of Ron's events and walked away laughing and more knowledgeable for it! His engagement with the audience - and the children in attendance - was exceptional . . . and the activities he used in his program were intriguing. We look forward to attending another event of Ron's soon!

-- Barbara Heathcote, Human Resources

Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Your piece at the {Eastern Psychological Association} conference was really fun, engaging and full of information. I'm always looking for ways to make learning fun for my students and you certainly nailed it!

-- Cathleen Greenan (pictured on left)

Dutchess Community College

  • Ron was a great entertainer during our 10 year reunion, he kept the audience engaged and truly made participants reexamine the way they perform their day to day activities. It was not only a pleasure to work with him on my class reunion but also a pleasure to get to know Ron as a person. Book him for your next event, you will not regret it!

-- Elsie Fernandez, Class of 2007 Reunion Organizer

Providence Academy of International Studies

  • From 2008-2010, Maestro Ronald G. Shapiro of Providence RI has offered 3 interactive 90-minute workshops in New York City on his remarkable work on “Games to explain human factors.” He is truly a master in science education, whose work has been uniformly praised—from novice students to seasoned colleagues--who participated in these NYC workshops.

-- Harold Takooshian, PhD, Past-President,

APA Division on International Psychology

  • Dr. Shapiro’s program was very exciting to participate in and offered valuable insight. It prepared me for quick responses that may be relevant in selling myself in an interview.

--Abbygail O'Brien

Eastern Psychological Association

Lemoyne University

  • It was interactive and fun filled. We read concepts in psychology over and over again, but to see it cleverly demonstrated, was awarding.

-- Nritya Ramani

New York Behavioral Research Conference

  • Dr. Shapiro's presentation was outstanding. I had been considering the human factors department for a while, but I wanted to know more about it. This was the perfect opportunity! Not only was there information regarding the field, but there were several demonstrations that allowed the audience to understand how we as humans behave. It was not only educational but entertaining. Because of this experience, I am even more interested in human factors.

-- Shavanna Carusso

Texas Tech University

  • Had a lot of fun at Ronald Shapiro's presentation as a contestant and watching my fellow contestants. I learned a lot about a field of psychology I wasn't very familiar with and would jump at the chance to go to a program like this again.

-- Vana Springer

Texas Tech University

  • What a wonderful experience. I had a great time! I loved getting to participate in one of the activities and I'd definitely recommend it to others!

-- Nicole Kratz, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Eastern Psychological Association Annual Mtg

  • You opened my eyes (even though I was blindfolded!!) to the world of industrial psychology...

-- Lori Kellner, PhD Candidate, Walden University

Eastern Psychological Association Annual Mtg

  • Ron's workshop on Games to Explain Human Factors is full of interactive demonstrations. The audience is engaged and entertained while learning about findings in psychology and human factors. Games is always well attended and enjoyed by all.

-- Patricia R. DeLucia, Ph.D., President,

APA Division 21

  • I'm so glad Games to Explain Human Factors is still going strong! There are a surprising amount of times that something triggers me to think about the lessons learned during the program - from the direction of sound, to different temperatures of materials, to questioning things that result in the obvious, to asking the right questions and really listening to the answers... I'd love to be a part of it again.

-- Jessica Webster, Director of Product

(testimonial written 7 years after program involvement)

  • I was fortunate to select your workshop last week at the Massachusetts Environmental Education Society (MEES) Conference, which was perfect to attend right after lunch. It was really great fun, engaging, and a nice change of pace from the traditional workshops. I look forward to incorporating many of the activities presented into my summer camp training and have shared a few with my co-workers already! The workshop photos were great…still chuckling!

-- Amy Quist, Education Coordinator/Summer Camp Director,

Mass Audubon's South Shore Sanctuaries

  • Dr. Ronald Shapiro put the spotlight on Human Factors during our 2010 hosting of the annual Great Plains student conference. His keynote address entitled, “Games to explain human capabilities and limitations” got everyone moving and laughing as he demonstrated our easily overlooked weaknesses. By the end of the presentation, the audience was blaming product designs, instead of themselves, for everyday usability mishaps.

-- Jeremiah Still, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor at Missouri Western State University

  • Dr. Shapiro's presentations were engaging and lots of fun to participate in. He definitely captured the ideal learning situation, one in which you can have fun but from which you can take away very important lessons. Dr. Shapiro has an excellent command of the delicate balance between fun and education.

-- Colleen Williams, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

  • Ronald Shapiro delivers highly engaging and educational presentations. I have had the opportunity to be in the audience for several of his presentations, and have acquired great takeaways from each one. His presentations are very dynamic and thoughtfully prepared!

-- Margarita Posada, Ph. D.

  • Your presentation was by far my favorite at EPA. I wanted to let you know that it was very informative and fun which is a great combination.

-- Ashley Beryl Reid, University of Baltimore

  • Your presentation was thought provoking, interactive, but most importantly fun. You have a natural gift to “edu-tain” and keep the audience engaged.

-- Mason Walker, President, Associated Students, Mesa College

  • Your presentation was terrific! Students rarely think of IO and industry as a career possibility for psychology. The resume and networking part of your talk was so helpful. This was real-world advice that was truly appreciated.

-- Melanie M. Arpaio, Psi Beta Eastern Region VP,

Assistant Professor of Psychology,

Sussex County Community College

  • I really enjoyed your workshop and would love to share some of these activities with my middle schoolers as we delve into the human body and the senses.

It was probably one of the most fun workshops I have been to.

-- Rob Smith

Pike School, Andover Massachusetts

  • I love the tricks you had (you got me good!) so I will absolutely let you know when I or someone I may know could benefit from one of your programs.

-- Kristen Whelan,Transportation Consultant,

Liberty International, Inc.

  • I learned a lot not only from the games you played but also from the way you carried them out. You had tricks for us to watch (blindfolded volunteers) and tricks for the whole class to participate in (such as the misspelt poem). Each trick was sequenced to take us farther and get us to think in a different manner. I was captivate wondering what would happen next and constantly wondering how I would do if it was me behind the blindfold. It was an excellent experience to feel the games from the audience perspective so when I do several of these exercises with my class I can anticipate what they feel. THANK YOU!

-- Emily Baxter, Science Teacher, New Haven Connecticut

  • Talk about audience participation, this session was a blast — it’s not often that you have blindfolded market researchers at a conference! Wrapped into the fun and games of this game show-style session were serious messages about how people (both customers and researchers) think and process information, and how by understanding that we can become more effective researchers and communicators.

-- Katie Clark, VP of Content Marketing & Strategy,

Research Rockstar

In New England Insights Ass'n Spring Conference Recap

  • You’re probably the first fun, active person who came into a class that I enjoyed. I learned a lot (smile)!

-- Nathaha Xiong, Senior, Alvarez High School, Providence, RI

  • I hope you come back here sometime soon.

-- Luis Leonardo, Senior, Alvarez High School, Providence, RI

  • It was fun to see that my classmates had fun.

-- Joselin Mendez, Senor, Alvarez High School, Providence, RI

  • Fantastic presentation. Very glad to be a part of it. I hope everyone would get the chance to participate.

--Abigail, Senior, Barrington High School

  • The way you presented the concepths to us using games was extraordinary and has helped me retain most of the information.
  • Your presentations to students and faculty have triggered much discussion that I think will translate into positive actions in the months to come.
  • You were a hit!!! Many of my students have told me how much they enjoyed your presentation.
  • I truly enjoyed being a part of the session and feel that I gained a lot of valuable information.
  • This resource is absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing it.
  • Thanks so much for the wonderful presentation; all of us --Army personnel, teachers, and students -- really enjoyed the talk and demo.
  • Thank you for the experience and the wonderful presentation. It was honestly one of my favorites from the weekend and definitely the most memorable.
  • Thank you for your wonderful presentation at the (medical) conference. Your games and explanations made human factors very understandable. I cannot wait to share the information you presented with the staff at my facility!
  • I really enjoyed the Human Factors workshop. It helped think in many new ways, including outside the box! Very unique. Great interaction.
  • A great way for people to learn without even trying.
  • I can't say how much I enjoyed your presentation. I look forward to using many of the demonstrations in my class.
  • Thanks for doing the Games To Explain Human Factors program for our profession-- it really is a wonderful presentation and makes a difference.
  • I very much enjoyed your session Thursday night, I thought it was educational while being fun which really helped me to grasp the concepts. I completely loved all of the mini experiments. I would also be interested in attending any other sessions that you may have.