Problem Solving

Activities to Facilitate Solving Problems

Problem solving is a critical skill for all employees, students and teachers to be successful in today's highly complex business and academic environment. On the other hand, this skill is often lacking.

Many times problems remain unnoticed, denied, ignored, concealed, misinterpreted or unresolved. Even worse, sometimes individuals may think that they have resolved a problem appropriately, but they may have resolved it inappropriately or not at all. Furthermore, some types of problems may have been anticipated and avoided altogether with improved planning, designing and employee preparation.

In this program clients identify a set of problems (e.g., technical, customer handling, communications) which they would most like to address during the program. An activity based program is then developed which will help the participants recognize and resolve problems similar to the one's addressed. The program will be useful (with a significant return on investment), but it will also be entertaining and fun.

Your employees, students and teachers will look forward to this program, have vivid images to guide them as they recall the techniques discussed and apply them on the job.