Psychology Activities

Using Psychology Games and Activities of Yesteryear to Prepare for our Future

A great program for your business, professional organization, community organization, high school, college or university

In this fun filled, useful, educational, and exciting program you and your guests will participate in psychology activities and games.

Look forward to using the lessons learned from each activity and game today and tomorrow as you:

  • grow and improve performance for yourself and your workforce team
  • prepare to enter the workforce yourself or orient your new employees
  • assume a leadership or management role
  • start families
  • continue your education.

The program will be loaded with prizes, surprises, and lots of ideas to apply in “the real world.” It is highly recommended for:

  • corporate employee development programs
  • university and school psychology classes, clubs and honor societies
  • special banquets & celebrations for civic and professional organizations
  • beginning or ending the academic year
  • promoting psychology awareness
  • fun.

Schedule a program to help a friend or colleague celebrate a birthday, engagement, promotion or other special event. We will recognize them as an on stage participant and have a special gift and prize for the honoree.