Understanding Ourselves

Games to Illustrate Human Sensation, Perception, Assumptions, Learning, Decision Making & Responding

Improve your performance on the job, at school and at home as you learn more about how you process information!!!

Great Educational Program For Holiday / End of Year Celebrations!!!

Learn a bit about how we process information from the time we sense it until we respond to it. Acquire new ideas to help you perform better on the job, at school and/or at home as you learn some ways to optimize your performance in view of your new understanding of how people process information.

Teachers and leaders will acquire up to 25 highly interactive activities for use in your programs and presentations.

Lots of surprises!!!

Have a ton of fun!!!

You may even win a prize or two!!!

Come, participate, learn and have fun participating in activities showing how we process information.

This is a great program for conferences, conventions, businesses, professional organizations, youth groups, school groups (grade 3 and up) and special celebrations.