Special Recognition

I'm Awesome But I Have My Limitations

All of us are have tremendous potential. We have more abilities than we realize.

All of us also have some real limitations… more than we realize.

The I'm Awesome, But I Have My Limitations program is designed to:

  • Recognize participants for their abilities and accomplishments
  • Equip them with some tools to stay safe and achieve their potential
  • Illustrate they are not alone in their limitations.

I'm Awesome is designed to serve as a source of encouragement to participants as they proceed through school and continue on the journey of lifelong learning and begin their career planning.

Participants will learn a great deal and have fun!!!

This is a great program for commencement, milestone or orientation type programs for college students, middle school, high school and youth groups.

Name the colors in the chart

People who read well in the English language will, most likely, perform this task very slowly or incorrectly.